New Tiny House Has A Home

Well, ok not exactly a tiny house since this is a definition that seems to require wheels and bizarre degrees of deprivation when using TV standards.  The house is only 400 square feet though with a sleeping loft… So, in comparison to the current ranch and most people’s houses, I think this qualifies as tiny.

I found a great property at a fair price near Port Angeles with lots of mature trees (potential old growth in some cases) and two mountain streams. The land has dear and elk based on the tracks I found, and there are certainly bear and cougar in this region.  The property is pretty rugged though.  So if you are coming for a visit, I recommend you do some cardiovascular conditioning first and wear tough outerwear; the blackberries are everywhere.

And, best of all I have a signed purchase agreement.  I have my fingers crossed that all goes well between here and there.  The owner and I meet soon so he can show me the survey boundaries.  Try finding survey stakes by yourself in a forest with decades of overgrowth… Closing should be by mid-February.

The prior owner cut a private trail that connects with the Olympic National Park and its trails.  All possible excuses for laziness have been eliminated. I already have my National Park pass purchased for the year!  However, I may just play Siddhartha and sit under a tree by a stream some days


Attached are some pics of the land.




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