A New Adventure Begins


Well folks if you found this page, then you know who I am, and you know that this blog is about a new adventure beginning in the Olympic Peninsula.  The vision driving this dream is simple.  There are lots of story lines we live and believe.  We all live in story lines created by our parents and family, our society, our culture, our work, and sometimes even ones we help craft.  I have lived several of them, and at each turn a bit more of me was revealed to me.  So who knows what this latest adventure will bring.  Yes, it involves massive change and downsizing to a lesser footprint.  Nothing worthwhile is particularly easy to achieve.  I am sure this change will involve plenty of bumps in the road, massive ones actually.

So why bother?  Why not just keep living in a comfortable life as a business owner living on private land in a beautiful home with gardens and animals?  Why go to all the work?

  • I am an adventurer, and change is inherent in adventure. You really didn’t think I would just go quietly did you?  Hold on to your butts!  Here we go!
  • I simply don’t enjoy “stuff.”  Actually, I have come to despise most “stuff.” So why live in a way that has this persistent gravitational pull to accumulate “stuff?”  Instead I am going to work on a life doggedly driven to not accumulate stuff, instead focusing on creating memories.
  • I don’t get cities very much.  I think they are great at some points in life, but they are no longer places I would choose to live.  I like the relationships you build in small places, and frankly sitting in traffic stinks.  I want to wake up to the sounds of streams and the smell of the forest whenever possible.
  • Mostly what I like to do is be outside.  I might just wander through the entirety of the Olympic National Park for a few years, and I think that would be just fine.
  • Who hasn’t dreamed of having a clean sheet of paper to rewrite their life.  I have one!  I intend to use this opportunity for the best, including having more time to help those less fortunate.

So my friends, we are off on a new adventure.  Stay tuned for periodic updates.  Did I choose wisely?  We are all about to find out!


4 thoughts on “A New Adventure Begins

  1. Sounds like quite the adventure. Not one I am ready to embark on, mind you, but does sound intriguing. So, I look forward to periodic updates to see how it all pans out.

    Blessings on your new adventure!


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